Be Smart and Save and Earn Money Online

Hello again friends!

I’m here to talk a bit about online shopping (yay!). It’s nothing new or exceptional, but I feel as though I’m constantly explaining to people why I literally buy 95% of everything online. From groceries to clothes to electronics, and so on. First of all, for the majority of my online purchases, I can get money back.

For example, most stores I shop at are affiliated with Ebates (Ebates Canada link here and American Ebates link here), which gives me a percentage of my money back on each purchase I make. Plus, if you create an account and refer your friends, you’ll also earn extra cash after they make their first purchase. A lot of the time, it won’t add up to a lot. But if you’re like me and purchase the majority of your things online, you’re making a pretty solid number back in cash.

Like Ebates, you can also shop through Swagbucks. Here, there aren’t as many stores affiliated, but the site itself is basically a “make money for doing small tasks” website. So shopping is one way to earn points that you can turn into cash or gift certificates and so are things like taking surveys and watching videos. I really like this site because I can flip through their video clips easily while doing something else and earn points.

Snacks from iHerb!

Snacks from iHerb!

The biggest problems with Swagbucks and Ebates are that many stores linked to them don’t offer the food products I eat. I don’t like leaving the house for anything because I’m a hermit! Thankfully, I can get things like produce, dried fruit, nut butters, and (my favourite) Bounce balls delivered from Spud (click here to sign up and put in the code “CRCAL-SYMKAT” to receive $20 off your first order).

Some of my favourites from Spud!

Some of my favourites from Spud!

I also get my protein bars and PB2 from Low Carb Canada or iHerb. Both are really great, but iHerb is in American dollars, so the conversion isn’t always ideal. Also, you may have to pay extra duties (which is the worst!). I bounce back and forth from them for items the other may not sell or may be out of stock in. Low Carb Canada is nice because, like Spud, you earn loyalty points and you can earn money from referrals. iHerb lets you make money on referrals and will give you cash off your first order. If you want to save $10 on your first iHerb order, type in my discount code: FLW025.

I LOVE when my Quest Bars arrive!

I LOVE when my Quest Bars arrive!

And that’s the biggest point I make to friends. It may seem crazy to wait for things in the mail, or to not try clothes on, but for the most part, I know my size in clothes, and I order household supplies and food before I run out. This way, I end up saving a bunch of money in the long run. I recommend it to EVERYONE I meet like a crazy person!

Once more, the sites I use are as follows:

Ebates Canada

American Ebates


Spud (Discount code: CRCAL-SYMKAT)

iHerb (Discount code: FLW025)

Low Carb Canada

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Life Living

Hello friends!

I’ve been back in Calgary quite some time now, but I still can’t get used to how dry it is! I was only away two weeks and my skin and hair won’t forgive me for dashing their dreams of living in a humid climate permanently.

I was lucky enough to go to the hockey game last week (the AWESOME Calgary vs. Canucks one on Saturday night), and I know it’s a bit late in posting, but the Anaheim series is proving depressing thus far, so I thought I’d share.

We had great seats right on the attacking end so the third period was insane.

Great seats!

Great seats!

I took a video right after we scored the fifth goal. The dome was completely insane and it only got crazier after the next two goals. It won’t embed from my phone, but you can check it out on my Instagram here.

The game was awesome, but I definitely didn’t make it to the Police Half Marathon the next morning (whoops). Still worth it.

On to this weekend, though. Last night I went out to Beerfest, which was a ton of fun. And, an old picture from a couple of years ago of some friends and I was in Metro this week to promote Beerfest. We’re pretty much famous now.

Famous in a small town.

Famous in a small town.

It was great this year for me particularly because they had a TON of ginger beer, which I absolutely love. I was also a huge fan of Wild Rose’s infused Wraspberry. They had two different barrels, one infused with grapefruit and the other with lavender. Both we’re ah-mah-zing (I’m channelling my inner Penny). It’s running again tonight, so if you can score yourself a ticket, I suggest you do!

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Maui Nights

Aloha again from Maui! We’re just finishing up our jaunt here and it’s very bittersweet. I am sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful island but also excited to get back to work and finish up the teaching year (check out my work-only blog here if you have any interest in educational matters).

We’ve had beautiful sunsets throughout our trip, though I’ve often been too focused on them to think about snapping a picture. Here’s a great one I got from a couple nights ago:

A Maui sunset

A Maui sunset

And I know I’ve titled this post “Maui Nights”, but the days aren’t too bad, either.

Now that's a view I could get used to!

Now that’s a view I could get used to!

We’ve done a bit more exploring and drove up the crater to wander around! It was a cloudy day, which was disappointing because we couldn’t see too far into the crater and we couldn’t see the big island, but also very neat because we got to walk around in the clouds!

The classic "I'm in a volcano" selfie!

The classic “I’m in a volcano” selfie!

The crater was also really cool because of the drastic temperature difference! It’s not all that easy to see from the photo but I’m wearing a hoodie and a shell. It was the first time since arriving that I needed my long leggings.

I’m signing off for now! I want to get the most out of my last couple days in this paradise!


Maui Daze

Aloha friends!

As you likely guessed from my title and your being literate, I am currently lucky enough to be in Maui! I’ve been here about a week and have fallen absolutely in love with this beautiful island! I’ve never been before and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough one day to come back!

It seems we’ve had nothing but good luck so far this trip; on the flight here the plane was completely full except for one empty in our row! So we had a ton of extra space for storing what we brought for 8 hours of entertainment.

All my fun stuff!

All my fun stuff!

My headphones are Frends and can be found here, here, or similar here. My computer skin is from Society 6 and can be found here.

Once we landed, we decided to do a mix of eating, drinking, lazing, and touring! We’ve checked out a lot of cool spots on the island so far, like the Banyan Tree in Lahaina:


And the Black Sand Beach along the Road to Hana:

An up-close look at the black sand!

An up-close look at the black sand!

Another look at the sand!

Another look at the sand!

It was so green and so black; the juxtaposition was beautiful!

It was so green and so black; the juxtaposition was beautiful!

That’s all my photos/updates for today! I’m going to eat an entire pineapple and lay by the pool now! It’s a hard life! Thanks for reading!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta S07E09

I’m loving RHOA this season. Is anyone else?

In Cynthia news, she basically confirms that she’s financing her husband’s business, without actually saying she’s financing his business. I agree with her; they’re married, they share money, it’s no big deal. Except that Peter seems to have the most terrible sense for business any person has ever had. They’d be better off putting money into Lotto tickets.

I’m liking the new girl. What’s her name? Nine episodes in and I still need to check. Claudia. I’m on her team. She’s my new favourite.

Phaedra’s boring as ever. We get it, your husband’s the worst. We’ve known it since his first episode, nothing new. Why do they keep giving him talking heads? No one cares what you have to say, Apollo, you’re terrible. Let’s just focus on their kids for all of Phaedra’s scenes, there is no other reason to keep from flipping the channel (in my mind, I am imagining it is still 2002 and people watch television on televisions).

I’ll be interested in Phaedra again when she files for divorce and has an over-the-top party where she rides in on an invisible space unicorn.

Kenya, my former sworn enemy and now second favourite cast member gets what I can only assume is some hippie’s leftover breakfast rubbed all over her face while throwing shade at Nene and I’m loving every second of it. I feel like she drinks a lot of wine, and I respect that about her.

Nene is wearing a wig that makes her look like Miley Cyrus. I’ll take this scene to check my Instagram because I can’t look at her. Wait, Nene is getting job offers? That aren’t from Ryan Murphy? Who are these casing directors?

Why is she so mean? Remember when she used to be fun and friendly? Those were the days. I want her to land on some Ryan Murphy production that doesn’t get cancelled so she can quit the show and Porsha can just be mean and dumb alone.

Kandi’s job continues to confuse me. What does she do, exactly? I feel like she’s a high school theatre student with a video camera gone rampant in the halls. It pains me to say negative things about her when she’s one of the only likeable housewives left, but seriously.

Along with her job, Kandi’s party confuses me. Who is the woman she’s hired who wants to tie the guests together? This is a party I would not want to attend. In the least. At all. Ever. What’s wrong with regular, un-themed parties? Just drinking some cocktails and eating some appetizers and chatting like normal people.

Of course “Roger Bob” comes up again. Why does the girl dating him say “I’m dating Roger Bob”? Wouldn’t you say “I’m dating someone” or “I’m in a relationship”? It’s like yogurt commercials where people say, “I’m hungry for a Petite Danone” instead of “I’m hungry for a yogurt”. It is illogical to me. This girl clearly just wants to promote her album via RHOA and it’s uncomfortably obvious; why else would these randoms who also happened to date him be here?

Porsha doesn’t come in until more than halfway through the episode and I am eternally grateful for those 25 minutes worth of brain cells I saved. It’s agony listening to her speak.

Show’s over. Who wants to take bets on how many times we get to hear the name “Roger Bob” next episode? I bet eight million and three.

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Calgary Roughnecks Homeopener

Oh my, oh my, it has been awhile, hasn’t it. I apologize for my lack of updates; I blame it on my (very busy) new job and my affinity for reality television. However, one of my new years resolutions is to update more, even if that means I need to create a section where I just write about what happened on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that Brandi is totally out of line and Lisa needs to kick her to the curb for good. I would read that, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, back to the post at hand, which I’m sure you can guess by the title is all about the Calgary Roughnecks.

Last night, I went to my very first Roughnecks game ever and I am now their biggest fan. The game was so great (even though we lost) and insanely fun. I’m thinking I need to become a season pass ticket holder.


I don’t have experience with lacrosse, outside of high school gym class, and I had no idea that they can basically beat one another with sticks as they run up and down the field. Obviously, this is my new favourite sport. We had great seats so we could see all the action (read: beating one another).


Loving how much padding the goalies wear, too.


Hopefully, I’ll get to another game soon (every game?) and can keep drinking beer and yelling insults at the other team. Maybe I should get one of those megaphones all the annoying people in the crowd always seem to get their hands on. I’ll also do my very best to get great seats again since they sell Shock Top downstairs instead of the usuals.


Until next time, deuces (my new favourite word from Total Divas)!


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Cuatro Crazy

Has anyone had Four Loco before? I became intrigued by it when it started killing frat guys in droves and getting banned in various US states. So when I saw it in Montana (a year ago!) I had to buy some.

It turns out they changed the recipe and it’s stopped killing binge drinkers, so I’m slightly less thrilled by it but also still terrified of it.

We bought it a year ago but didn’t decide to have it until now. Alcoholic sugar water doesn’t go bad, does it?


Even with a new recipe we decided to split it because avoiding death is my main hobby.


We bought strawberry lemonade flavour and it was pink. Very pink.


It was also less refreshing than it looks and tasted a whole lot more like pure sugar than either strawberries or lemonade. Still, I drank it all because I have the mentality of a student and alcohol is not to be wasted.

Next time, I think it would be a great wasp trap.

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