Cuatro Crazy

Has anyone had Four Loco before? I became intrigued by it when it started killing frat guys in droves and getting banned in various US states. So when I saw it in Montana (a year ago!) I had to buy some.

It turns out they changed the recipe and it’s stopped killing binge drinkers, so I’m slightly less thrilled by it but also still terrified of it.

We bought it a year ago but didn’t decide to have it until now. Alcoholic sugar water doesn’t go bad, does it?


Even with a new recipe we decided to split it because avoiding death is my main hobby.


We bought strawberry lemonade flavour and it was pink. Very pink.


It was also less refreshing than it looks and tasted a whole lot more like pure sugar than either strawberries or lemonade. Still, I drank it all because I have the mentality of a student and alcohol is not to be wasted.

Next time, I think it would be a great wasp trap.

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July Detox

The end of Stampede calls for the beginning of July detox. July detox is what I call the planned week-long but actually two-day health binge I partake in immediately following Stampede.

It is time to trade my Stampede liquid diet consisting of alcohol and the occasional deep-fried treat with my July detox liquid diet of water and various green liquids with the occasional fruit and vegetable.

The July detox is very easy to follow (for two days). All you need are matcha green tea.


Powdered greens.


Green tea.


Water (I prefer mine fizzy, hence the SodaStream).


And, of course, your running shoes! Gotta sweat out that beer!


I’ll be back again in two days with bacon and cheesecake photos!

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My (second) favourite time of year

Guess whaaaaat!? That’s right, it’s everyone’s favourite time of the year; STAMPEDE!!

I’ve got my nerd shirts ready!



My bandanas are ready!


The buckles are ready for buckling!


And the shit kickers are ready!


Though I’m sure there won’t be much shit to kick, just cans to crush.



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The Feminist in me Hates Pinterest

As many (most?) are probably aware, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I spend long hours looking for crafts and foods to make to amaze my family and friends. I also patrol the boards for grammatically incorrect and misspelled memes and ecards because I’m a good online citizen.

Recently, it isn’t merely the ignorant use of language which has me irritated, but the offensively sexist content I seem to repeatedly stumble across.

At least once in ever “popular”, “everything”, “health”, or “women’s fashion” categories you’ll stumble upon a weight loss pin, which is irritating but I’ll survive. However, much more offensive is other material being posted which includes cruel body shaming:



Encouraging out daughters to be ashamed of their naked bodies:


Silly posts implying women’s reliance on men and emotional vulnerability in relation to men:


Apparently women are shopaholics spending money made by someone else on frivolous things they feel the need to lie about.


Men are apparently the prizes in the game of life and other women are “crazy bitches” to compete against.


And promotion of the ever popular “women are crazy” notion as well as the implication that appearance dictates personality:


I’m downright sick of it. Though both sexes do participate on Pinterest, it’s largely female dominated and it’s worrisome to think that we as women are further promoting cruelty and negative energy toward our own gender.

That is all I have to say for now.

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Calgary Marathon

Hello friends,

Is anyone running in the Calgary Marathon this year?

Good job!

I ran the half last year and am hoping to improve my time.

I’m also thinking I’ll dress in less as it should be warmer.


Excited to see the finishers medals this time around! Will they be the same?


Good luck to everyone running!

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20 Reasons Calgary is Great

1. The Stampede

The best party of the year! Put you boots on and head down to the grounds to drink and dance all night after checking out the rodeo, rides, and booths. Not to mention the great concerts at the Saddledome or on the Coke Stage.

2. Naheed Nenshi

The best mayor in the whole world. Universally loved, Nenshi makes everyone want to call Calgary home.

3. Sports

We have two hockey teams (the Flames and the Hitmen), a football team (the Stampeders), and a lacrosse team (Roughnecks), as well as tons of amateur sports teams; so there’s always something to go watch.

4. Safety

We have an excellent police force and income disparities rarely force people into crime, so walking the streets and being out late with friends don’t leave you feeling terrified.

5. All four seasons

We get every season (some longer than others) so we can enjoy winter activities as well as summer activities.


6. No PST

Provincial Sales Tax is the worst. When I lived in BC I would save up all my shopping for the next time I was in Calgary to avoid it.

7. Shopping

Now that we’ve expanded, we no longer need to head south for good shopping. The Core downtown, Southland and Chinook Centre in the south and Market Mall in the north all offer popular stores, while there are also a ton of small boutiques and specialty shops around the city (especially if you hit a popular walking spot like 17th Avenue, Inglewood, or Kensington).

8. Young population

The lure of jobs attracts a young, well educated population which leaves calgary with a median age in the mid-late-thirties. You know what that means if you’re a young professional; there’s always a bunch to do, a great nightlife, and a large dating-pool for the singles out there.

9. Excellent economy

Our economy is (as of right now) among the best in Canada and personal wealth is at an all time high; meaning you can do more money-costing things!

10. Proximity to the mountains

It’s about 45 minutes to an hour to the mountains so you’re never far from some of North America’s best skiing and hiking. Not to mention the energetic and unique mountain towns.


11. Diverse culture

One of the things I get often from (very ignorant) people when travelling to other parts of Canada is an assumption that everyone in Alberta is a caucasian redneck who wants to destroy the planet. This is obviously very wrong and extremely laughable. People come from around the world for job opportunites, so Calgary is hugely diverse ethnically.

12. Public transit

The C-train is speedy and goes to the far reaches of the city, while busses run ajor routes as well as into smaller neighbourhoods. It’s easy and (relatively) quick to get around without a car and, speaking from experience, it’s a great money-saver.

13. Arts scene

Playhouses, operas, art galleries, Wordfest, ballet… I could go on and on.

14. Parks and pathways

Our parks and bike pathways are beautiful and stretch to all four corners of the (very large) city. Surrounding two beautiful rivers, the scenery is always picturesque.


15. Great restaurants

In a large city, you’re always lucky enough to find excellent restaurants and Calgary is no exception. From the expensive (and delicious) like Catch, Rouge, Teatro, and Bolero, to the cheap (and delicious) like Peter’s Drive In, or Jimmy’s A A, you’ll always find something awesome to eat.

16. Golf courses

When you get a city as widespread as Calgary, you’re bound to get great golf courses. The city has many public and private courses to choose from.

17. No rats

Alberta is rat free. Hell yeah.

18. The Calgary Public Library

Our libraries are numerous and conveniently located all across the city. You can check out movies, music, books, magazines, etc. and pick them up or drop them off at any location.

19. Quality of life

Work, housing, nightlife, health, etc. are all excellent and people are happy and friendly.

20. Health

There are tons of activities to do both indoors and outdoors all year round. Yoga, swimming, running, rock climbing, skiing, cycling, etc. Plus tons of gyms throughout the city. Add in an educated population with healthy eating habits and you’ve got an (overall) very healthy city.

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Make your own eyelash conditioner

I’m obsessed with my eyelashes. Au natural, I look like a 12 year old boy and my blonde, basically invisible, eyelashes and eyebrows don’t help matters. Thus, I try to play up my feminine features as much as possible.

I tried eyelash extensions in the past but they were too fake for me and bothered me while working out. Now, I try to just keep my natural lashes healthy.

To do this, I wash my mascara off every night (that’s a must) and also use RapidLash.


Additionally, I’ve recently started conditioning my lashes with a homemade concoction. First, I emptied out an old mascara tube.


This gets messy and takes a good bit of time. Prepare to dirty a lot of paper towels.


Once that’s done, I mixed together coconut oil and petroleum jelly. I’ve also heard of people adding castor oil and vitamin E, so those are options as well.


The end result should be a bit gloopy but still transfer over to your eyelashes fairly easily.


I put it on before I go to sleep and when I work out. Basically anytime when I’m not wearing make up and don’t need to for awhile. If you put it on before your mascara, it will smudge everywhere.

Happy eye lashing!

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