Avoid these oysters

For some reason, most of my friends love Ferris’. I for one, have no idea why, though I think it likely has something to do with how moderately priced it is.

I have been to both Ferris’ upstairs and downstairs numerous times and all my experiences at both have been abysmal. The food is mediocre at best, but what really kills me is the service.

The servers are downright rude and also completely ignore customers. There have been quite a few times in which I’ve been out for dinner with friends and we will have intentions to order another round or two of drinks, but because we have been ignored for so long (I’m talking 35-50 minutes with empty drinks before we were even done eating), we have changed our minds and our plans and gone elsewhere.

Ferris' Oyster Bar & Grill (Downstairs) on Urbanspoon  I recommend avoiding Ferris’ (both upstairs and downstairs) at all costs. Victoria has amazing restaurants with great food and exceptional service. Don’t settle for average food with terrible service when you don’t need to.

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2 thoughts on “Avoid these oysters

  1. Jackie says:

    I think there was a period of time in which there were a couple of lousy service staff at Ferris’s, but in the 12 years I’ve been going there, I am always pleased. The food is great for the price. There’s a large selection. There’s certainly a nice ambiance. The loyal staff that has been there for a while are actually really great. All in all, I have to disagree. I’ve been going there since I was in my 20’s, when I was married and now with a 3 yr old and they’ve always been great to me. I love Ferris’s and they’re always my first choice for a well-priced meal before a movie or at the end of the week for a good casual meal.

  2. Jojo says:

    Wow how often have you eaten upstairs at ferris? You can never compare Ferris Upstairs vs the grill downstairs. I have been to Ferris Upstairs at least 20 times, service is professional and the food is great. The food and service Upstairs is far superior to many restaurants in Victoria. You seem to favour low end diners in your reviews…most foodies would agree the food at jam and the blue fox is pretty common…hardly worth your glowing recommendations.

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