Romantic Evenings at the Mint

I’m posting this on Saint Valentine’s Day because last year I spent the evening at The Mint in Victoria. It was a lovely day with a bunch of my beautiful girlfriends and we ate delicious food and drank delicious drinks and talked about how much we all loved one another.

This year I will not be spending the night at The Mint because I will be in Calgary, but because I was there just over a week ago and recalled my lovely time last year, I decided to write a lovely blog post about it.

The Mint on Urbanspoon┬áThe Mint has an excellent selection of girly cocktails, as well as some great beers on tap (Phillips’ Chocolate Porter, anyone?). On top of that, their food is absolutely spectacular. I can honestly say that, in all of the times I have visited The Mint, I have never had a bad meal. I recommend it for a low-key night, particularly a low-key girls’ night. I have in the past gone with intentions of going dancing or to a party afterward, but the ambiance is so calming (dark lighting, relaxing music) that I always leave and just go home and go to sleep. A wonderful restaurant overall, highly, highly recommended.

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