Bakeries in France…

…are one of my favourite things of all time.

Nutella and butter are flowing and my happiness is exploding from my pores.

Because of this, I was very eager to try La Boulangerie, which is very close to my apartment. Perhaps, I thought to myself, I could become an adorable wannabe-French girl who could stick a baguette in my bicycle basket and ride home, ready to adorably face the days challenges with a belly full of French bread, Audrey Tatou-style.

Alas, that will not be happening.

I have spoken quite extensively about the fact that I hate waiting in lines and that I am extremely claustrophobic. Add to this the fact that, when I am paying for a meal, I want to be able to sit and eat it because, call me crazy, I find that enjoyable. I also would prefer to be served, restaurant-style, but I’m not insane and I know that isn’t to be expected at a bakery.

As soon as we arrived, there was a massive crowd of people lined up and milling about the door. I suggested going elsewhere, but my friends were determined and less high-maintainance than I apparently am.

So we waited in line, consistently being pushed around by other patrons and staff members, struggling to see the options available in the crowded and poorly designed space.

La Boulangerie on UrbanspoonI had the banana and Nutella crepe and a milk chocolate hot chocolate for breakfast (because I am a chocoholic). It was fine, but not worth the wait, the price, or the uncomfortable dining experience. I will not be back for several months at least, if at all. Hopefully then the staff will be a bit better organized and some of the hype will have died down.

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