I tend to not frequently write about chain restaurants for a couple of reasons. First, they’re all pretty standard on food, service, and decor so there’s not much to say. Second, they’re boring and I try to not even go to them in the first place. But I had such terrible food at Phoenix Grill that I simply had to share.

It took the spot of some other mediocre chain restaurant. I think Kelsey’s or Montana’s (neither of which are particularly good, but both of which are better than Phoenix… are they all the same company? They might be, I don’t know or care).

I had the beef wrap. It is described as fried beef, so I asked the waitress if it was battered and fried or simply fried in a pan with oil because the thought of battered and fried beef was phenomenally disgusting to me. She assured me it was pan fried so I ordered it. It was basically a piece of battered and fried, cold, American-Chinese food (think of really awful ginger beef from a crappy Chinese food buffet in a small mid-west American town). My accompanying side salad was mediocre at best and the dressing didn’t come on the side as I had requested.

My dining partner ordered a pasta dish that came cold and looked terrifying.

Phoenix Grill (Signal Hill) on Urbanspoon        I obviously did not like and do not recommend Phoenix. The food is clearly all bought in bulk, frozen, and then (poorly) reheated upon ordering. If you can’t even use a microwave or heat lamp correctly, you shouldn’t have a restaurant. Come on, even McDonald’s can do that right.

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One thought on “Blah.

  1. Lorette says:

    First of all, Phoenix Grill is not a chain – 2 locations in Calgary. Haven’t been to this location but the Shawnessy location has amazing food ! Maybe you just ordered the wrong entrée on an off night ( of which there shouldn’t be any) My husband orders the seafood linguini dish (can’t remember the name) and they do a custom order. For a few extra bucks- they do double seafood/ half order of pasta because he’s a big seafood fan. I order the Island Curry rice bowl -usually with chicken but sometimes with shrimp. Always good but inconsistent with serving size. Usually too much but then I take it home for lunch next day. Going to SW location tonight so we’ll see. We’ve gone there many times with different people & have only had 1 meal that wasn’t good. Don’t order steak- it’s not a steakhouse. If you want a good steak go to a good steakhouse ! and the artichoke-spinach dip is amazing !

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