No, just no.

I haven’t written a food-eating post in such a long time, but I went to Salt & Pepper in Inglewood last week and I am very worried that other people will do the same if I don’t speak up.

The only thing worse than the service was the food, which was dry trash on a plate. I had chicken tacos and veggie tacos. No cheese, no salsa, no refried beans. Just dry chicken in the chicken tacos and a couple poorly sauteed onions and red peppers in the veggie tacos.

The margaritas were also terrible. I was not surprised that they were a pre-made margarita mix, but they could have at least tried to find one that wasn’t 95% sugar. Too sweet and barely limey. At least the more I drank, the slightly more palatable the food became.

Salt & Pepper Mexican Restaurante on Urbanspoon I would rather stab my hand with a fork than willingly go back to this joke of a restaurant. Do yourself a favour and go to Los Chilitos instead. Even Julio’s Barrio and Anejo (both absolutely terrible) are better than Salt and Pepper.

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One thought on “No, just no.

  1. John says:

    Yes I know ! Im from Mexico and I went to this restaurant once and was very dissapointed! Im surprised that they still in bussines for that long, after that bad service and terrible food was expensive too! Just Don’t go back!

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