My Love for Victoria

I was back in Victoria a couple of months ago, and then again more recently a week or so ago. It’s come to my attention that, basically my favourite thing to do in Victoria is eat and drink. In such a tourism-driven city, the competition for restaurants and bars is fierce, and it results in a ton of unique and delicious restaurants (and also quite a few that rely on location to thrive despite awful food and service *cough* Wharfside *cough*).

Anyway, I’ve decided to dedicate a few upcoming posts to discussing my recent visits back to Victoria and all that they encompassed (read; food, drinks, friends, fun, and beauty).

Well my favourite restaurant in Victoria is probably The Reef. Oh geeze, maybe that’s a lie. I just love so many. Okay, one of my favourite resturants in Victoria is The Reef. So when I visted the city for the first time after moving back to Calgary, it was way up there on my list of places to eat.

This time around I went for dinner and had the Trini Roti. I also ordered a beer with a shot of Ginger Beer (you should probably order a light domestic if you’re going to do this, although I’ve had it with a red and it’s also good). It was as good as ever, as food at Reef basically always is. I’ve ordered the Jamaican Jerk (chicken, salmon, pork, and tofu), the Moca Burger, the Quesadilla, the Mission Tacos, Plantain Chips, Yam Fries, the Jamaican Patty, the J.A.H. Dip, the Coco Prawns, the Crab Cakes, and the Chana. All have been delicious. The yam fries are my favourite in the city, the coleslaw is awesome, and the Johnny Cakes (which come free with meals) are to die for (the ones served at dinner are better than the ones served for lunch, which have bits of banana in them and are a bit too sweet for me).

The drinks at The Reef are great too. The Rum Punch and the Jack Sparrow are among my favourites for mixed drinks. I’d also recommend the B’nannas Smoothie and the, ever classic, Dark N’ Stormy. I have to admit though, I’m a beer girl at heart and so I’ll usually go with a Blue Buck.

The Reef on Urbanspoon          Overall, my main piece of advice is to go to The Reef. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The food is great, the drinks are great, and the prices are reasonable. Whether you just want to go for a couple of drinks or a full meal, I can’t speak enough of how good it all is.

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