Best cheap eats in Victoria

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have been heading back and forth between Victoria and Calgary due to renovations at the place in Victoria. It’s lovely because I get to spend a lot of time in Victoria. However, much of the time spent there is doing things like painting. Not so fun. Also, being so busy often leaves little time to do the things I want to (like eat, drink, and be merry with my friends). However, there’s always time for a quick pit stop for good food.

My favourite place in Victoria for cheap, quick eats is undoubtedly Hernande’z on Yates Street.

I was first introduced to Hernande’z by a very good friend of mine who worked in the area and often ate there for lunch. (I was very jealous about that). The menu and the concept are extremely simple and do not need to be changed in the least. Stand at the counter, order your food and drink, pay, receive your Spanish-printed card and wait for your food.

Hernande'z (Yates St) on Urbanspoon Overall, you absolutely need to visit Hernande’z. Their delicious and messy burritos will have you waiting for your next visit. My personal favourite is the Cochinita Burrito because it doesn’t include rice (which I’m not a fan of). Also among my favourites are the Tacos de Pollo and the Huarache de Puerco. Highly recommend.

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