Well, I do love waffles

Growing up I loved waffles. Primarily because of how infrequently we got them, and partially because I actually enjoyed them.

I usually got them when we would go to buffet brunches with family, and I would inevitably load them up with whipped cream, chocolate, and strawberries and proceed to feel ill after. I was a little glutton.

As I aged, I realized that I didn’t actually like waffles very much. They were usually too large, often too dry, and the toppings were the only good part (and I don’t particularly like whipped cream and fake strawberry sauce).

However, all of this changed when I visited Belgium in 2009 and had my very first fresh, Belgian wafel.

Since then, I have been on a mission to discover an equally as good wafel. Wannawafel in Victoria is the closest I’ve come.

Wannawafel on Urbanspoon It is by no means as good as a true Belgian wafel, but when you get a fresh one, it’s close. Very close.

There is a great selection of toppings to choose from, and the staff is generally very friendly. I’d definitely recommend a visit.

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One thought on “Well, I do love waffles

  1. renaat@wannawafel.com says:

    “It is by no means as good as a true Belgian wafel???”

    It is of course made in Canada but with the real recipes, love and passion, and Belgians are giving us the thumbs up. The way you say it is in my opinion a bit harsh.
    Further down on the other hand you say “very close”.

    Thanks for visiting, I am sure we are the closest you can get to a Real Belgian wafel in Canada.

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