Ahh, the Ship

The Ship & Anchor used to be a bar that I was openly afraid of in high school/early university. I was utterly convinced that I would walk in and get punched in the face simply for being blonde and tattoo-less. What can I say, I was a naive, sheltered little girl.

Now I’m mature.

No, seriously, I am.

Anyway. I really like the Ship now. Albeit, the crowd has changed dramatically over the last ten years or so. However, the food is really good (for pub grub) and dirt cheap (for Calgary), the service is good, the crowd is good, and the patio is ah-mah-zing (to quote Penny from Happy Endings).

Ship & Anchor Pub on Urbanspoon    Overall, the Ship has everything going for it. Because of that, it’s always ridiculously packed. Which is why I don’t like it despite the fact that I do like it. Make sense? I’m claustrophobic and hate waiting in line, so if you’re like me, take this advice: for patio-sitting on a Friday or Saturday you legit need to get there before noon. No lies. Regulars are there bright and early because they know this. Throughout the week and especially on a Friday or Saturday, if you want to get in with no line and have a table, get there early and go for dinner. The food is good. I recommend the goat cheese and veggie salad.

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