Happy love day

I love Valentine’s day, not because I’m hugely romantic (I’m only moderately romantic, and my belief in true love has faded slightly after the split of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie), but because it just seems so grinch-like in nature to dislike a day dedicated to love.

I love many people and things: my family and friends, strangers’ friendly dogs, warm socks, binge eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, reading Thomas Hardy novels… I could go on and on.

Anyway, muh boo and I celebrated V’day early because we are heading out of town for the long weekend. I was spoiled with roses.


Then we hit up one of my personal favourites in Cowtown, Boxwood Cafe.


I love Boxwood as they serve fresh, seasonal food and have a great atmosphere. Their portions are perfect as you never leave feeling too full or hungry. Additionally, everything is beautifully presented. The building itself is small and beautiful and overlooking the park is always lovely.


We started with the hummus, which is delicious and highly recommended. It’s fresh and chunky, just as I like it. I had the trout, which was delicious, while muh boo had the porchetta, which is always too fatty for my liking but he was pleased. We had to finish with cookies, of course, because theirs are delicious. We one each if the oatmeal cranberry chocolate chunk and the ginger molasses and split them.

So all in all, St. Valentine’s day of love was perfection. Love to all!

Boxwood Cafe on Urbanspoon

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